Title: Restoration of a 18th century building into apartment’s building

Location: Carrer de Santa Llúcia, Manresa. Catalunya. Barcelona.

Team: Josep Lluis Pastor Solernou, Joan Fernandez, Cèsar Purtí, Josep Mª Roma, Carles Pastor Foz, Mireia Cruz, Paquita Estrada

Status: Built

Surface: 3770 sqm

Year: 2007

Awards: Restoration prize in 2007


The original building exists since the XVIII century, 1789 year exactly, following the barroque tipology of that time and it’s included and protected by the heritage catalogue of the city. The proposal includes beside the restoration of the existing ruins, the construction of two new dwelling buildings, one on the left side that alongs the facade of the exiting construction until the corner and the other one on the opposite side with facade to the Santa Llúcia street. Adding these other volumes to the proposal creates a central courtyards that becomes the focal point around which is conceived the idea. 


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