‘BOIA NIT’ cocktail bar

‘Boia Nit’ cocktail bar
Cadaqués, Catalonia
Enric Ferrer Mena, Carles Pastor Foz
The challenge here is to introduce a new object in an existing space with especial surrounding conditions centered in the ‘Platja Llarga’ with fantastic views over the Cadaqués bay which means to consider the quality of the object designed to comply the cocktail bar function, so the object is divided in two separated peaces, one opened clean working bar providing to customers the spectacle of cocktail elaboration by Manel Vehí, main bartender with an interesting background. Second bar behind designed as an integrated furniture unit made of withe corian, is used to store all needed issues such as freezers, ice machine, wine cellar, etc… and finally a light modulated shelve system with vertical elements painted in grey (to integrate with dark carpentries) and horizontal white metal sheets to emphasize the horizontality of the element where are kept the wide range of different beverages that highlight thanks to the natural light entering from windows behind.

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